I am the Blue Lion.  I am a long time student of humanity, religion, spirituality, physics, economics and leadership.  It has become apparent over the years, that my brain works in different patterns than most people.  I therefore have a very unique outlook on life, politics, and spirituality .  I believe that I can help people live better, more complete lives if I share these views.  This blog is my attempt to do just that.

Why am I using a nom de plume?  It’s not like I’m famous or anything.  Mainly for two reason.  First it’s for security.  Many of my positions will be controversial.  Some will be strongly disagreed with and maybe even hated by others.  I hope there will be some people that find they agree with me.  In any case, I am only protecting the people around me and myself from possible recriminations from people that just can’t agree to disagree.  Secondly, while I have spent some employed in the government acquisition field during my life,   I don’t in any way want anyone to think I am representing any of my employers in any of the topics discussed in this blog.  Not using my real name will, I hope, make it clear that I am only representing myself on this blog.  I may, from time to time, comment on how the Government works….or more accurately how it doesn’t, and I don’t want to create any appearance of impropriety.  All I’ll say in the matter is that I have a lot of experience in why things in Government don’t seem to work as well as most people would like.  And leave it at that.

This blog will range in topics from philosophy to cosmology to life situations and decisions, to politics.  Along the way, I’ll probably throw in a review of the latest book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen that might be interesting to my readers.  I hope you enjoy the show.